Using the Employability Passport

Using the Employability Skills Passport in Schools

Within your study programme at school you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that will help you develop and gain the employability skills employers are looking for.

There are 7 Employability Skills,  each made up of a number of different sub-skills. Each skill requires you to demonstrate reflective practice, and the ability to identify your own skills and present them to others. Click on each skill below to open up a screen where you can note down examples of your experiences, activities and learning you have undertaken to demonstrate each skill.  You can even add other documents or photos. Remember to save your work on each page as you progress. You may be able to consider examples you have previously identified when completing your Common Application Process (CAP) or CV, or more likely you will identify skills and examples that you also want to include in your CAP or CV.

When you feel that you have sufficient evidence for all sub-skills for each of the Employability Skills, you can send them to your tutor or nominated member of staff to approve each one, either as you go along or when all skills are complete. They will access your Passport and confirm that the evidence is ‘Partially Confirmed’ or ‘Fully Confirmed’ and provide feedback as appropriate.

Once you have completed the full passport, your school/sixth form has the option to download and present you with their Employability Skills Passport Certificate.

Using the Employability Skills Passport Independently

Do not worry if your school or sixth form does not use the eProspectus. As you have self-registered and created your own account, you can use the passport in exactly the same way.  However, your school will not have access to it and therefore will not be able to confirm that it is complete.

You may still find it helpful to use the passport to help you to  to keep a record of your developing employability skills, and you will be able to transfer relevant information from the passport to any applications you make or for your CV. Identifying good examples is also a good way of helping you prepare for an interview. You will be able to print off a summary of your passport and examples of how you have demonstrated your skills, which you will be able to show to an employer.