English Language A Level

Languages, Literature and Culture

Languages, Literature and Culture
Languages, Literature and Culture
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What will you be working towards?

Code KECG06
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Course Description

This course allows you to explore, discuss, analyse and evaluate language in all its varied and exciting forms. It also allows you to recreate language and write creatively for a specific audience and purpose.

You will be expected to learn the terminology, methods and processes that you need to analyse the language of English. You will be exploring data about language and transcripts of dialogue as well.

You will be preparing to use these skills in examinations and coursework pieces.

Further information about our courses, including results

In English Language and Literature at GCSE level, we maintained our excellent record of providing quality teaching and delivering excellent results, with our performance once again better than similar schools for all Assessment Objectives.

For English Language GCSE we secured at Grades 9-7 20.9 % and Grades 9-4 73.5% in 2019, Grades 9-7 35.5% and Grades 9-4 87% in 2020.

For English Literature we secured Grades 7-9 (A/A*) 20.9% and Grades 4-9 79.6% in 2019, Grades 7-9 (A/A*) 30.9% and Grades 4-9 89% in 2020.

Our A Level Language results rose again to an astonishing 78% A*-B and our A*-C attainment rose to 100% showing a year-on-year increase in that area. Our coursework marks and exam marks were once again significantly above the level achieved by similar schools and our coursework support for A Level students is comprehensive. You will be studying a course in a department which has a proven record of outstanding teaching.

As a department, we also offer A Level English Literature. As a department, we attained fantastic results in A Level English Literature too, with a 74%. A*-B pass rate and 93% A-C pass rate in 2020.


Course Content and Teaching Units

Paper 1: Language, the individual and society

You will study a range of texts, audiences and genres. You will learn comprehensive methods of language analysis in areas such as:

• Grammar

• Lexis

• Pragmatics

• Discourse

You will explore how representations are produced and you will also study child language development.

Paper 2: Language diversity and change 

In this unit you will identify, research and explore how language has changed, the process by which the changes occur and how diversity is created.

You will explore areas such as dialect, sociolect and idiolect. Areas such as how language is used by people of different ages and how language is used to represent and create gender identities are always particularly interesting for students in this unit.

This unit will build on your methods of analysis introduced in Unit 1 and also allows you to debate issues in greater depth. 

In the exam, you will also be required to write creatively in response to some of the texts you have analysed and evaluated. 


You will complete two pieces of coursework totalling 3500 words.

Your first piece is an Original Writing assignment, which allows you to write creatively at length, expressing many of the ideas you have analysed over the duration of the course. 

Your second piece is a Language Investigation. You will explore an area of language which particularly interests you, collect data and research, before writing your findings and conclusions. This is always an individual and fascinating task in which you get to express your ideas about something that personally interests you. 

Trips, visits and extra-curricular 

The sixth form has a newsletter committee and encourages budding journalists to contribute articles for that publication. The English department also organise several visits from University lecturers who are specialists in the field of Language and Linguistics such as Chris Montgomery and Rob Drummond. We also make trips to plays, museums and Sheffield University and Lancaster University for subject specific lectures. 

How will it be delivered?

Paper 1: Language, the individual and society (2 hour 30 minute exam) 40%

Paper 2: Language diversity and change (2 hour 30 minute exam) 40%

Coursework (2 pieces: 1 language investigation, 1 creative writing) 20%

Entry requirements

GCSE English Language - High Grade 5 or better

Your next steps...

As with all Arts subjects, English courses offer entry to a huge range of further course and careers. Whether you are interested in courses and careers such as teaching, law, journalism or civil service roles, or you are seeking an alternative to your other courses to provide variety to your CV, you could not select a better course than English Language. 

In the past two years, students who studied our English courses have progressed to study some of the following courses in universities such as Oxford University, Sheffield, University of Birmingham, Bristol University and Durham University:  

English Language and Literature, Law, Sociology, Criminology, Journalism, Psychology, Creative Writing, Medical Anthropology, History, Accounting and Finance and Nursing. 

It provides you the opportunity to develop higher level thinking, discussion and writing skills, as well as exploring a huge variety of topics, contextual settings and wider ideas.