Geography, A Level

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Code SS20
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Geography is about understanding the world we live in with the aim of improving the way we use it. We aim to understand the physical processes which shape and create our wonderful world. We want to understand how we use and shape our landscape and the impact this has on us and different people around the world. We can use this understanding to plan and, or modify our future use of the environment in a sustainable way which ensures people have the highest possible quality of life. The course covers a very wide range of content, which is examined in considerable detail to develop a real depth of knowledge and understanding. The first year tends to focus on smaller scale often more localised issues which influence our lives. The second year tends to have a more global outlook addressing some of the big and thorny questions of today.


The course covers the following areas

Physical geography

  • Water and carbon cycles. 
  • Coastal systems and landscapes.
  • Glacial systems and landscapes.
  • Hazards.

Human geography

  • Global systems and global governance. 
  • Changing places.
  • Contemporary urban environments.

Geography fieldwork investigation

  • Fieldwork requirements (non examined assessment).

How will it be delivered?

  • Human Geography - Exam worth 40% - 2.5 hours Structured questions including multiple choice, data response and extended answers about the human geography you have studied (Changing Places, Contemporary Urban Environments & Global Systems & Governance).
  • Physical Geography - Exam worth 40% - 2.5 hours Structured questions including multiple choice, data response and extended answers about the physical geography you have studied (Glacial systems & landscapes, The water & Carbon Cycles & Natural Hazards).
  • Geography Fieldwork Investigation - worth 20% - A 3-4000 word independent geographical enquiry based on primary and secondary data collected by the students.

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in or above in GCSE English Language and Grade 5 or above in GCSE Geography. 

Your next steps...

Geography A Level is an enabling subject facilitating access to the Russell Group of universities.  At degree level geography is an extremely diverse subject, including many things not offered in a school curriculum.  Geography fits well with a range of other subjects for joint honours degrees, especially a language.

There are many other potential courses and careers which may follow on from Geography  A level.  For example, law, journalism, teaching and lecturing, local and national government, travel and tourism, resource (heritage and landscape) management, conservation, overseas development and environmental services.