A Level Psychology

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Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code M7
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


A Level Psychology


Psychology is a Science subject. It is the empirical study of human mind and behaviour. It is about studying individual people and explaining why we think and behave in the way that we do and how we develop.


AS offers a broad range of topics including a study of: Attachment, Psychological abnormality (Psychopathology), Memory, Social influence, Key approaches and Biopsychology. Research methods is taught alongside all the different topics, as Psychology is a science research methods is embedded within the lessons. Wherever possible students are given the opportunity to conduct their own research and build on their Psychology skills.


At A Level, there are a range of topic based options which bring together explanations from different approaches. The topics include: Issues and Debates, Gender, Eating behaviour and Forensic Psychology.



Will this subject suit me?

This A Level is designed to develop skills of analysis and evaluation through an examination of arguments and evidence put forward by psychologists. You are expected to be interested in human behaviour and the world you live in. The ideal student would enjoy scientific investigation, mathematical analysis of data, discussion, reading new ideas and challenging assumptions.


Good numeracy skills are required due to the science/mathematical nature of the subject.


How will it be delivered?


Entry requirements

Grade 5 or above in English Language or Literature, GCSE 5 in Science and GCSE 5 in Maths

Your next steps...

Most A level students go on to university where Psychology has become a very popular subject with strong links to the other sciences.


As it is a science, many students opt for Psychology as a third or fourth science in preparation for Medicine, Veterinary Science, Forensic Science and Sport Science.




It is beneficial in careers which involve working with people where an insight into understanding why people behave the way they do is useful. Psychology is also an essential part of some teacher training.

Some students progress to study Law or Criminology.