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Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code M25
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


A Level Biology



We’ve specifically chosen the AQA course as it allows a seamless transition from GCSE Science into Year 1 (AS level) and has the best quality resources and support. Meadowhead Biology teachers have many years’ experience of delivering the course and a track record of academic success.    The course encourages an application of new Biological knowledge that will, in one way or another, affect every person on Earth. Students studying this course will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of these advances and to develop the skills essential to make responsible use of practical aspects of Biology.    

The course aims to promote scientific approach to studying life and living processes, and to show how the knowledge and understanding of different aspects of Biology are interconnected. Throughout each module we believe the AQA course is current, accessible and most of all enjoyable.  

How will it be delivered?

Year 1  Core content: Biological molecules, cells, how organisms exchange substances with their environment and genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms.   AS Biology is assessed by two 1.5 hour exams taken in June. Each exam contributes 50% of the AS grade and will include questions on practical aspects of the course.        

Year 2  Core content: Energy transfers in and between organisms, how organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments, genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems and the control of gene expression.     A Level Biology is assessed by three 2 hour exams taken in June. The first 2 exams each contribute 35% of the final grade and the third exam contributes 30% of the final grade.     

In both Year 1 and year 2 Biology students are required to complete 6 key practical tasks that form part of the final examinations and practical endorsement  

Entry requirements

You will need GCSE grade 6, 6 or higher in Combined Science (or GCSE 6 in Biology plus one other science 6 grade). You will also need a grade 5 or above in GCSE Mathematics and English. You will need to show a high level of interest and enthusiasm in class and be capable of independent study.

Your next steps...

Studying A Level Biology will prepare you to study any Biology or Biological Sciences related courses in further or higher education. A-Level Biology can also prepare you for a career in medicine, veterinary medicine, genetics, forensic science or agriculture. Even if you don’t end up as a scientist, the skills you develop will be relevant to a wide range of careers.