Drama & Theatre - A Level

Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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What will you be working towards?

Code PG9
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Do you have you a passion for theatre, stories and performance? Do you have questions about how people live their diverse lives, social justice, entertainment and the big questions of our time? If so, this course is for you.

This A Level is a strongly practical course with theatre-making at its heart, underpinned by rigorous academic standards. It is an active, creative course which grows your enthusiasm and expertise as a theatre-maker, critic, actor, writer, designer, analyst and as an audience member. We explore the past and the present through exciting classic and contemporary writers, plays, companies and practitioners.


How will it be delivered?

You will create a piece of unique theatre based on an extract from a published play text explored and reconstructed using the techniques or an influential theatre practitioner or recognised theatre company. This will involve research, development, reflection and assessed performance.

There are two parts to the assessment:

1) A 1200 - 1500 word creative log justifying process decisions 

2) The performance

Unit 2: Text in Performance 40% / 120 marks

You will rehearse and perform two pieces externally assessed by a visiting examiner. Both will be inspired and informed by the same set stimulus. Your devised piece will apply the methods of an influential theatre practitioner or theatre company. Your scripted piece will be from a published text in a different style to the devised piece.

There are two parts to the assessment:

1. A Process and Evaluation Log of 1300 – 1600 words analysing both rehearsal processes and performances commenting on connections between theory and practice, and to what extent you met your artistic intentions.

2. Both performances

Unit 3: Theatre Makers in Practice 40% / 120 marks

You will sit one written exam of 2hrs and 30 mins. Learners study three plays and refer to a range of practitioners and live performances to access top band marks.

Section A: 40 marks on your first text (learners take in a clean copy)

Based on rehearsal and characterisation of one set text, in a series of questions.

Section B: 40 marks on your second text (learners take in a clean copy)

One essay demonstrating interpretation for a contemporary audience considering context, original performance conditions, structure, and performance impact.

Section C: 40 marks on a pre-release extract from a third text

One essay (including diagrams) demonstrating understanding of creating live theatre as performers, directors and designers.

Entry requirements

To secure a place at our Post-16 Centre you will need five or more GCSE passes at Grade 5 or above and a minimum of a Grade 4 in both English Language and Mathematics. You will also need a Grade 5 at GCSE (or equivalent vocational qualification) for most subjects you want to study at A Level. 

Your next steps...

Future Study and Career Opportunities

A good A Level in Drama/Theatre Studies will open doors for any drama or theatre graduate or vocational course, (in acting, design and arts related specialisms) as well as being welcome in fields of English, Humanities, Law, Media, Journalism, Education, Events Management, Arts Therapies, Advertising, Public Relations, Human Resources, Business and Politics, and any profession that values expert understanding and knowledge, empathy, curiosity, communication, collaboration, problem solving, creativity, a work ethic, a sense of humour and leadership