Horticulture (Professional Gardening) Level 2 (FAGR)

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care
Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care
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What will you be working towards?

Code BC159
Qualification Type Other Regulated/Accredited Qualification
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


Plants are incredibly important. Not only do they provide us with oxygen and a source of food, but their beauty, smell and aesthetic vigour can provide the public with a welcoming multi-sensory experience! Public gardens and parks punctuate the fabric of the UK’s drab urban environments and provide an amazing break from the hustle and bustle of modern life!

Gardening and horticulture is not just a relaxing pastime for people looking to escape their busy lives. In fact, if you’ve got a passion for plants and you’re fascinated by flowers, you can actually build a long and rewarding career in this area!

Horticultural careers are all about using your scientific knowledge of plants and soil to cultivate flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, grass and other florae. This kind of plant husbandry is usually carried out in controlled environments for functional or commercial purposes.

Gardening careers usually focus on growing, cultivating, pruning and treating plants for aesthetic purposes. You are most likely going to be working outdoors on large estates that belong to wealthy landowners or gardens that are owned by publicly funded organisations, such as the National Trust.

Alternatively, you might be self-employed and offer services to private clients. Here, your gardening activities will most likely involve aspects of landscape and garden design.


You will cover the following topics:

  • Prepare ground for planting
  • Plant container grown plants
  • Care for a planted area
  • Plant a container for display
  • Apply fertiliser
  • Prune deciduous spring flowers
  • Propagate indoors
  • Propagate by stem cuttings
  • Construct a paved area
  • Use a pedestrian controlled mower
  • Design a contemporary style garden

How will it be delivered?

You will be assessed by a series of assignments. There is no formal end examination.


Entry requirements

  • Four GCSEs at grade 3 or above including English or Level 1 in Horticulture.
  • Acceptance onto the programme is also subject to an interview.

Your next steps...

Employment: Landscaper, Grounds person, Garden centre assistant, Gardener

Education: You can progress onto an apprenticeship or into work