Drama and Theatre A Level

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Arts, Media and Publishing
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Alternative Title Drama and Theatre A Level
Code KECG25
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Course Description

• OCR A-Level Drama & Theatre

• 2 Year Course

• 5 Teaching hours per week

• Specialist and experienced teaching staff

• 4 Components taught over the 2 years

• 40% of the A-Level is completed by the end of Year 12

• Opportunities to visit the theatre and attend workshops with industry professionals

• A balance of practical components alongside written components that are taught through practical exploration

Studying Drama and Theatre opens a door to the wider world. You will not only develop a new and deeper understanding of performance methods and practices, but also experience working within a company of like minded theatre makers who embrace the arts and the impact this can have on the world around us.

This course is practice-led, so you will be writing, directing, performing and exploring - using your mind and body creatively together. You will study modules that will push you as a creative and lead you to become a theatre practitioner, an expert in your field.

This course is designed so you can make the kind of performances you want to see in the world. Both the devising and text performance modules allow you to explore styles that interest you as well as applying contemporary contexts to create meaningful new work. The course emphasises contemporary performance practice, so you are encouraged to respond to social and political events you feel passionate about or want to develop a deeper understanding of.

The course requires you to work alongside others and create companies who are immersed in the work they are creating. You will recognise the energy and joy of being in a performance space which will mean pushing boundaries and taking risks through teacher led and independent rehearsal.

The course will allow you to visit the theatre and expose you to new ways of approaching performance. You will be encouraged to explore the creative arts independently as we ready you for the next step into higher education or a career.

Drama and Theatre is a great choice for those wishing to pursue a career in the arts or performance. However, many past students choose the course because of the fantastic skills base you will develop which transcends so many roles in later life.

Further information about our courses, including results

This will be the first year that KES will be offering A-level, having previously been following the BTEC course.

The course will be delivered by specialist and highly experienced staff; Miss E Broadhead and Mrs C Pender.


Course Content and Teaching Units

The course is divided into 4 components:

Practitioners in practice

40% of the A-Level

This component is designed to allow learners to explore practically the work of theatre practitioners and to use the skills gained to explore text and create devised theatre.

Exploring and performing texts

20% of the A-Level

The aim of this component is to use acting skills to communicate the meaning in a performance text to an audience.

Analysing performance

20% of the A-Level

This component consists of two sections. The aim of Section A is to enable learners to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how extracts from the chosen texts can be rehearsed and interpreted in performance, showing an awareness of characterisation, performance style, genre and context.

The aim of Section B is to allow learners to analyse and evaluate live theatre.

Deconstructing texts for performance

20% of the A-Level

Learners will interpret and explore practically a performance text considering how to create, develop and direct a performance for an audience.

Please see Miss Broadhead if you wish to discuss the course content further.

Financial Information

Students will need to see one performance as a class which they will evaluate in the Analysing Performance (Section B) component. There will be additionally theatre visits throughout the course that students will have the option to attend.

Trips, visits and extra-curricular 

We will offer students several opportunities to take part in visits to the theatre. All students in the Sheffield area who study Drama are also entitled to an Ignite card, which entitles them to a free ticket to any Sheffield Theatres production in the Crucible theatre.

There is an expectation that all 6th form students studying Drama will take part in school productions whether this be through a performance, directing or design role. 


How will it be delivered?

Practitioners In Practice - 40% - 120 Marks

Assessed Internally

Exploring & Performing Texts - 20% - 60 Marks

Assessed internally by a visiting examiner

Paper 1: Analysing Performance (Section A and B) - 20% - 60 Marks

Assessed via a written paper

Paper 2: Deconstructing Texts For Performance - 20% - 60 Marks

Assessed via a written paper

Entry requirements

GCSE Drama or BTEC Level 2 Merit in Performing Arts– Grade 5 and above.

GCSE English Language/English Literature - Grade 5 and above.

In addition, a commitment to additional, out of lesson rehearsals is essential.

Your next steps...

The course will prepare students well for the next stage of their education, be that university or auditioning for drama school. The academic rigour required at A-level will give students the skills and confidence to succeed in higher education.

Studying Drama gives students so many transferable skills: improved self-confidence, independence, higher level thinking, communication and problem-solving to name but a few. Perhaps the most important skill to be nurtured is creativity, to allow students to respond creatively to whatever they are faced with in the future.

"Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status."

- Sir Ken Robinson