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What will you be working towards?

Code ND20
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


To achieve the qualification you must:

Complete three A level papers (code H433) to get a certificate for Advanced GCE CHEMISTRY.

In contrast to the traditional 'topic based' approach, Chemistry OCR B (Salters) is 'context led'.

Chemistry OCR B (Salters) is designed to be taught in context. The course takes students on a journey through ten Storylines, while introducing chemical concepts in a spiral approach. The Storylines engage students through learning in a contemporary context and range from concerns about the ozone layer to the development of new medicines.


  • This specification has been developed in consultation with University of York Science in Education Group , the Royal Society of Chemistry, GlaxoSmithKline and in consultation with OCR.
  • It is the only A level Chemistry specification based on a complete course package, with integrated course books and activity sheets designed at the same time as the specification.
  • This specification is uniquely different from other A Level specification because:

 -it starts from applications and develops the theory as required

-it introduces chemical topics in one unit and then revisits them in later units, so that student learning has a chance to mature and is then reinforced

-all external units in the examination ask all the questions in context

-there is an Advance Notice article included in an A level unit which can be studied, researched and discussed by students well in advance of the exam.




How will it be delivered?

How will I be assessed?


For AS (H033)

Teaching units

Assessment method and weighting

Paper 1 Foundations of chemistry

Paper 2 Chemistry in depth

70 marks exam           50%

70 marks exam           50%


For ALevel (H433)

Teaching units

Assessment method and weighting

Paper 1 Fundamentals of chemistry

110 marks exam         41%

Paper 2 Scientific literacy in chemistry

100 marks exam         37%


Paper 3 Practical skills in chemistry

60 marks exam            22%

AS Chemistry is an independent qualification to A level Chemistry. It is no longer routine for students to sit the AS exams, but the units are still taught in the same order as Y12 of the A level specification.


Non-exam assessment

Practical endorsement for Chemistry.

Candidates complete a minumum of 12 practical activities to demonstrate practical competence. Performance reported separately to the A level grade. A pass or fail is recorded. A certificate is issued.

Entry requirements

You should have studied GCSE Combined Science or Chemistry and achieved a minimum grade 6 in Chemistry for Triple award or a minimum grade 6-6 for Combined science. GCSE Maths needed (at least grade 5).

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