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Code PG24
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour: it focuses on why we think, feel, act and interact as we do both as individuals and as members of a social group.

As an A Level Psychology student you will be given the opportunity to study the core areas of Psychology, as well as having the option to specialise in topics such as mental illness and criminology. You will also experience what it is like to be a research psychologist; planning and carrying out practical investigations into areas such as memory.

Students wishing to study A Level Psychology will need a good foundation in English (minimum Grade 5 at GCSE). 10% of the course involves application and analysis of mathematical data so students are required to have a Grade 5 at GCSE in this subject or study core mathematics.


Students will work towards being assessed in three advanced level examinations:

Paper 1

Social influence: this looks at how others can influence us to behave in the ways that we do.

Memory: how do we remember? What happens when we forget?

Attachment: how do relationships form? And what happens when they do not?

Psychopathology: explanations as to what causes mental disorders, such as depression and phobias, and how these disorders can be treated.

Paper 2

Approaches: how psychologists investigate and explain human behaviour. This unit evaluates whether our behaviour is due to our biology or our environment.

Biopsychology: the ways in which the brain and neurotransmitters influence our behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

Research methods: the methods psychologists employ to gather data on behaviour.

Paper 3

Schizophrenia: the causes, explanations and treatments of schizophrenia.

Forensics: why do people commit crimes? How do we try and catch offenders? How do we deal with offenders once caught?

Gender: what do we mean by gender and sex? How does our gender develop? Why do some people have

atypical gender?

Issues and Debates: where does psychology fit in a range of interesting issues and debates?

Entry requirements

To secure a place at our Post-16 Centre you will need five or more GCSE passes at Grade 5 or above and a minimum of a Grade 4 in both English Language and Mathematics. You will also need a Grade 5 at GCSE (or equivalent vocational qualification) for most subjects you want to study at A Level.

For new subjects not previously studied at GCSE, for example; Government and Politics, Psychology and Sociology you must have achieved a Grade 5 in English Language. To study Psychology you also need a Grade 5 in Mathematics or be willing to study 

Your next steps...

Future Study and Career Opportunities

Psychology is a multi-disciplinary A Level and therefore complements a variety of other areas of study, from the natural sciences and maths to the arts and humanity-based subjects.

Career opportunities include Medicine, Teaching, Counselling, Occupational Psychology, Sport & Exercise Psychology and Health Psychology.