Further Maths AS and A Level

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code TPT13
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time



In Y12 you study AS Mathematics and AS Further Mathematics.

In Y13 you complete A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics.

In Further Maths you will study Pure Core content and two from Statistics, Mechanics, Discrete Maths and Additional Pure Maths over two years.


Students will learn the principles of Core Mathematics and how to apply them in the context of Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths.  AS Further Maths involves Further Pure Mathematics.

  • Pure Core - extended and deeper knowledge of proof, algebra, function, calculus, vectors, complex numbers, matrices, differential equation, polar coordinate and hyperbolic function.
  • Statistics - Combinations, discrete and continuous probability distribution, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi - squared and non-parameter tests, correlation and regression.
  • Mechanics - Dimensional analysis, work, energy, powers, impulse, momentum, centres of mass, circular motion, vectors, variable force.
  • Discrete Maths - Optimisation, graphs and networks, algorithms, critical path anaylsis, linear programming, game theory, simplex, Hmailtonian graphs.
  • Additional Pure Maths - recurrence relation, number theory, group theory, vector product, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, surfaces, partial differentation.

How will it be delivered?

A commitment to Further Mathematics requires 9 teaching periods each week.

In Further Maths, AS Level is assessed by three components at the end of Y12: Pure Core and two of Statistics, Mechanics, Discrete Maths and Additional Pure Maths.

A Level is assessed by 4 components at the end of Y13: Two Pure Core Exams and two of Statistics, Mechanics, Discrete Maths and Additional Pure Maths.




Entry requirements

Grade 7 in Mathematics. 

You cannot study AS Further Maths without AS Maths. 

Your next steps...

Career prospects are infinite. Mathematics opens up the possibility of careers in medicine, banking and insurance, commerce, marketing, accountancy, engineering, research and design, educaton, government and public services, research statisticians, managers, administrators, manufacturing, industry and the armed forces to name a few. Naturally, A Level Further Mathematics is a very highly valued subject in the eyes of universities and other institutes of Higher Education.