Public Services: Military Preparation Course Level 2 Full-time (FPUB)

Health, Public Services and Care

Health, Public Services and Care
Health, Public Services and Care
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What will you be working towards?

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Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


Barnsley College have developed their very own Military Preparation Course for those seeking a career within the Ministry of Defence or have already started their application for one of the armed forces (British Army, Royal Air Forces, Royal Navy and Royal Marine Commandos). Working closely with Armed Forces Careers Office and former military personnel, we have specifically designed our course to build the skills, experience, values and standards needed to be successful in gaining entry to the armed forces.

You will learn and be assessed both practically and academically in areas such as map reading and navigation, leadership and teamwork, developing physical fitness, learning about contemporary issues such as global terrorism and war and conflict. For the duration of the course you will receive information, advice and guidance regarding armed forces recruitment and selection processes to give you an advantage and be successful in your chosen career.


The programme consists of a combination of lectures, practical activities, oral presentations, tutorials, individual research and group work. Speakers from other relevant organisations will also visit classes. As part of the course you will be expected to undertake a range of outdoor activities, including visits to various public services, e.g. Army, RAF, Magistrates Court. You will also take part in expeditions which may involve overnight stays.

The course themes are:

War and Conflict/Global Terrorism

Teamwork and Leadership

Careers and Skills Development

Developing Physical Fitness

Map Reading and Navigation

Self Defence and Adventure Training

In addition to general class work, you will be expected to use a range of textbooks for research purposes, as well as the IT facilities in the Learning Resource Centre. You will also have the opportunity to obtain additional qualifications and take part in sport enrichment activities.

How will it be delivered?

Assessment will occur continually throughout the programme. You will have unit assignments to complete and will be assessed on your group and individual work. You will also have time-constrained assignments, as well as oral presentations. Each individual unit and the full award are graded at Pass, Merit or Distinction level. Assessments will reflect those used in the Public Services.

Entry requirements

Academic entry requirements will be subject to chosen career preferences and good level of self-discipline.

You will also be required to complete a favourable interview.

In addition, you should have a good general standard of health which meets the requirements for your chosen Armed Forces. If you are unsure about the health requirements, please contact your nearest Armed Forces Careers Office or check their websites.

Your next steps...

This qualification is designed to offer you the opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding that will prepare, once you have successfully completed the course, to progress onto a career in the armed forces or further develop your skillset by progressing on to another one of our public service opportunities.