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Manor Top Barracks, Sheffield, S12 2AN

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About us

The Uniformed Services Academy in Sheffield is a part of Learning Curve Group, the people dedicated to transforming lives through learning. We put our experience to work to help find the path that is right the Learners, whether that’s in the Royal Navy or Air Force, Armed Forces, Police, or Fire Brigade. Our courses have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and will equip Learners with skills not only for a job, but for life. These courses include fieldcraft, physical fitness, drill, first-aid, map reading, and many more. This will prepare Learners to deal with all the challenges ahead. It’s all covered in our attached prospectus.

Sheffield Courses

Diploma in Pre-Uniformed Services Level 1

Diploma in Pre-Uniformed Services Level 2

Certificate in Sports Level 1

• Full-time Education

• Available for 16-18 years and 19-25

• English and Math Functional Skills Course Included if Not Already Gained

• Daily Fitness and Training Sessions

• Enrichment Activities and Trips embedded into the curriculum

• Bursaries Available - *From August 2021 we will be able to cover 50% of travel costs for students!


*We also offer flexible start dates throughout the year – please get in contact to arrange a preferred start date.

LOCATION: Manor Top Army Reserves Centre, Hurlfield Rd, Sheffield S12 2AN.

Student support


Our aim is to prepare you for entering the service of your choice, whether it is military, uniformed services, security, or even on to a totally different career path. What’s more, we’ll go that extra mile to get you there.

As well as equipping you with knowledge, skills and increased fitness levels, we will also:

• Help you look for further learning opportunities

• Help with your online application

• Work with you on your CV

• Help you to prepare for potential interviews and armed forces selection

• Give you a reference, if appropriate

What makes us different?

Quality is everything - and you are guaranteed exceptional training with Learning Curve Group.

Holly completed the Uniformed Services 16-18 Study Programme and commenced her training shortly after. Here is what she had to say about her time with LCG

“My time at Learning Curve Group has been amazing; I have met a load of new people who I can honestly say are like a family to me. The course really helped me in my preparation to join the army as a Combat Medical Technician. Thanks to the staff at the Learning Curve Sheffield Military Preparation Course, I feel so much better prepared for the challenges that I will face in military training. When I first started the course, my first 1.5 mile run time was 17 minutes; l can now do it in just over 13 minutes.

It’s a fun course, you learn a lot about your future job, and best of all you are not stuck in a classroom all the time; we went on loads of visits to local parks around the Sheffield area.”

Finally, when the time is right, we’ll help you find and apply for employment, from CV writing to preparing you for interview.

In fact, our standards are so high that education inspectorate Ofsted rates our outcomes for learners ‘outstanding’, and learners on our pre-military courses stated that the programme had transformed their lives.

Your course will equip you with skills for life and help you overcome challenges that will break down personal barriers to learning.

At all times you are treated with respect and care. In return, we expect hard work and dedication to your course. We know this combined and joined-up approach gets real results.